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Posted by Damian Hoyle
on Apr 17, 2019 11:48:07 AM

Posted by Damian Hoyle
on Apr 3, 2019 11:45:32 AM

After some of Australia’s most extreme weather conditions in the far north east of the country, many people are still in recovery mode with severe damage to many properties. Unfortunately, plasterboard products can be adversely affected by flood and water damage and need to be replaced or repaired as soon as possible.

Posted by Damian Hoyle
on Mar 12, 2019 06:21:51 PM

With so many of Australia's regions affected by hot and humid weather, especially during the summer months, it's likely that we’ve all experienced problems with mould around the home at some point or other.

Because mould spores are in the atmosphere naturally and can grow on just about any surface, it's almost impossible to eliminate mould completely. But, there are many ways that we can reduce its impact and inhibit its growth.

Posted by Damian Hoyle
on Feb 21, 2019 02:50:25 PM

Once the interior plasterboard walls are installed, your construction project is really starting to take shape, with just the finishing touch needed – painting.

We covered what the Australian Standards are for painting new plasterboard in our previous blog post and, with all that taken into consideration, you’re ready to complete the job for the new occupants to move in and personalise the space you’ve created for them.

Posted by Damian Hoyle
on Feb 6, 2019 10:23:18 PM

When new plasterboard interiors are installed, how they’re coated for the first time will have a major impact in determining the quality of the finished job.

The industry as a whole has set specific minimum requirements for painting plasterboard walls, and, adhering to these standards is important in achieving a higher quality, longer lasting finish that your clients will enjoy for years to come.

Posted by Damian Hoyle
on Jan 25, 2019 05:44:41 PM

During the long, hot summer months, and especially in the northern regions of Australia, the country experiences some extreme weather conditions that can significantly affect the performance of setting compounds.

One issue when installing plasterboard at this time of year, which many installers have little experience with, is compound dry-out that results in tape lift and a number of surface and joint problems.

Posted by Damian Hoyle
on Jan 15, 2019 04:21:48 PM

As an active participant in the construction industry with a focus on quality and safety, Knauf Australia is always looking for ways to be involved in improving information and knowledge availability.

Posted by Damian Hoyle
on Jan 11, 2019 04:10:27 PM

During the longer days of the summer months, the impact of glancing light becomes more apparent when home owners get to see their beautiful interiors bathed in the natural light of our summer evenings. And, their once-smooth walls take on a life of their own providing a terrain that any mountain-biker would relish.

That’s perhaps an extreme take on the issue but glancing light is certainly something to consider when designing a room and deciding on the final finish of your interior, or exterior walls.

Posted by Daniela Carloni
on Nov 23, 2017 12:07:54 PM

Air pollution is a world-wide concern, so how can our builders help?

Posted by Daniela Carloni
on Jan 10, 2017 03:36:15 PM

Streets of your town’, a two part mini series featured by ABC at the end of last year gave a fascinating insight into Australian home design through the ages. The unexpected presenter Tim ‘Rosso’ Ross was allowed to indulge his passion for Australian architecture.