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Brochures and Installation Guides

Knauf produces a number of useful publications for the professional, including product brochures.

2018 Knauf Plasterboard Installation Guide - English - NEW!Heradesign ManualPERMAROCK® Outdoor Credentials Brochure
2018 Knauf Product Catalogue - NEW!InterHome ManualPERMAROCK® Outdoor Manual
2018 OPAL Brochure - NEW!Knauf AMF ManualPlasterboard Installation Guide - Chinese
Acoustic DesignLine BrochureKnauf Carbon Neutral Program BrochurePlasterboard Installation Guide - Internal Steel Walls - Chinese
CLEANEO Technology BrochureKnauf KnowHow BrochurePlaza Manual
Contrapanel BrochureKnauf Metal Product Range BrochureStratopanel Manual
Cornice BrochurePERMAROCK® Concept BrochureVinova Brochure
Designpanel ManualPERMAROCK® Indoor Manual

Knauf technical information and product range availability is regularly updated.  To ensure the Knauf products referenced in technical literature is currently available, please refer to the Knauf Product Catalogue 2018 and the Knauf Metal Product Catalogue 2018.  Should you have any further product or technical questions or wish to confirm that details provided are in line with the latest information available, please contact Knauf Customer Service Centre on 1300 724 505 (Knauf Plasterboard) or 1300 725 675 (Knauf Metal).