Comfortboard is the thinnest and lightest thermal mass lining on the market, and the only plasterboard with the ability to store and release latent heat.

Comfortboard does this using phase change materials embedded inside the board, in a globally patented process designed by Knauf.

These phase change materials (Micronal PCM) allow the Comfortboard to behave like thermal mass and help maintain a comfortable, consistent internal temperature.

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Patented Dynamic Temperature Management

The phase change materials inside Comfortboard are actually microscopic acrylic polymer balls that encapsulate paraffin wax.

As the temperature in a room rises, the heat energy transfers to the board, and heats the wax, changing it from a solid to a liquid within the acrylic polymer balls. This phase change takes the heat out of the room, allowing it to remain at a comfortable temperature.

When the room temperature drops again, the process reverses. The wax cools down by emitting the latent heat that it had stored. The wax then solidifies and is ready to tackle the next peaks in temperature again.

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