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The interior design of a home creates an individual look that reflects the lifestyle and taste of its occupants. Details like voids and niches, square setting, creating bulkheads or drop-down ceilings, can create spaces to suit the modern lifestyle.


A cornice profile is an important design element to complete the look of any home. Knauf has a cornice range to match all finishes, whether it is elegant, contemporary or classic.

Walls and Ceilings

Achieve superior finishes for both walls and ceilings by using the UltraHome system which provides a smoother and higher quality surface for painting. SpanShield is a sag-resistant plasterboard specially formulated to achieve flat ceilings. Patterns can be incorporated into the design of the home with Designpanel and Stratopanel seamless perforated plasterboard, and include contoured architectural effects by using CurveShield.