PERMAROCK Outdoor | Knauf Australia

The Knauf PERMAROCK® Cement Board Outdoor is an extremely durable building material, providing a solid and dry foundation that can withstand harsh climates including high winds, rain and snow. It can be used as a substrate for ventilated exterior walls and also for directly applied systems using water-managed’ design principles.

PERMAROCK® Cement Board Outdoor is the ideal render or tile substrate for external walls and ceilings in commercial, residential and industrial applications. It is also perfect when finished with decorative coverings or paint. 

PERMAROCK® is the perfect material for use in replacing facades or renovating existing buildings as the lightweight nature of the system means that additional reinforcement of the primary structure is not required.

Permarock Outdoor

A range of accessories are required for PERMAROCK® Cement Board Outdoor wall and ceiling installations. The complete range of accessories must be used to ensure the benefits of the PERMAROCK® Cement Board Outdoor system. 

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