Knauf’s Safety Data Sheets (SDS) summarise the best knowledge of the health and safety hazard information of the product at the date of issue. In particular, they address how to safely handle and use the product in the workplace.

Knauf recommends that each user must, prior to usage, review the relevant SDS in the context of handling and using the product in the workplace and conduct risk assessment.

If clarification or further information is required to ensure that an appropriate assessment can be made, the user should contact Technical Services.

BindEx Fire and Acoustic Sealant SDSMastaCove75 SDSOpal SDS
BindEx High Absorption Primer SDSMastaFinish SDSPerforated Plasterboard Panels SDS
BindEx Penetration Primer SDSMastaFix20 SDSPermaRock Indoor & Outdoor SDS
CurveShield SDSMastaGlide SDSShaftLiner SDS
Decorative Cornice SDSMastaGrip SDSSoundShield 13mm SDS
FireShield SDSMastaLine 20kg SDSSpanGrid, Cleancare & Protech SDS
GIB X-Block Jointing Compound SDSMastaLine SDSSpanShield SDS
GIB X-Block Plasterboard SDSMastaLite SDSStratopanel SDS
MastaBase SDSMastaLongset SDSTruRock & TruRock HD SDS
MastaBlock SDSMastaMate Paper Tape SDSUniflott SDS
MastaBond SDSMastaShield SDSWaterShield SDS
MastaCoat3 SDSMastaSmooth SDS
MastaCove45 SDSMastaTape Universal SDS