Stratopanel Seamless perforated plasterboard | Knauf Australia

Stratopanel (previously Cleaneo) - Seamless perforated plasterboard with acoustic performance for stunning ceiling design solutions with perfect acoustics and continuous look.

Stratopanel with CLEANEO Technology is a unique acoustic wall and ceiling lining with built-in air purification that reduces both smells and airborne pollutants, such as Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC), improving the overall air quality. Stratopanel is a seamless perforated plasterboard allowing to create beautiful seamless perforated ceilings. Stratopanel must be installed using Uniflott Jointing Compound.

NEW for 2018, get the edge with next generation Stratopanel using inbuilt CLEANEO Technology and bring a breath of fresh air to your wall and ceiling linings. 

Great acoustics have never looked better with the new stylish rectangular perforation, exclusive to Knauf.

The new UFF edge profile, not only improves protection & stability on all four sides, it also means less cut waste allowing 180° rotation.



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