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There is increasing demand for sustainable building solutions in Australia, with the focus on creating green spaces that exist and deliver beyond the consideration of the building itself, bringing front and centre the needs of the ultimate occupants.

Commercial buildings need to be built to remain competitive and not become obsolete, delivering on performance for tenants in operation such as durability or energy efficiency, as well as being flexible enough to change with the changing needs of tenants.

Requirements on commercial buildings extend from building code related fire and acoustic demands, through to the GBCA’s Green Star program and NABERS star ratings for energy efficiencies for certain office buildings.

The GBCA (Green Building Council of Australia) developed the Green Star rating scheme, which evaluates for buildings their environmental design, construction, and soon will incorporate their performance. The GBCA’s suite of sustainable rating tools are intended to rate from 4 to 6 stars any type of construction from offices, education and healthcare, through to retail, industrial, public spaces and multi-residential.

Other project certifications which may form part of design considerations include international programs such as the Living Building Challenge, LEED and BREEAM, and timber stewardship such as FSC.

Sustainable environments and smart living solutions

Knauf offers a wide range of products, systems and services which meet environmental, quality and performance standards. Knauf solutions possess the characteristics required to be incorporated into sustainable building projects, delivering on product performance and durability, over the life of the building.

Selection of Knauf products can contribute towards earning green star points within Materials, Indoor Environment Quality and Management categories. Knauf products are independently certified by Global GreenTag as GreenRate Level A, and will achieve 100% points for relevant materials categories.