Tech Data Sheets

Knauf provides technical information on a wide selection of our product range. Each tech data sheet includes installation, performance and product benefits.

AMF Thermatex - product range Tech DataMastaCoat3 Tech DataSpanGrid Protech Tech Data
AMF Thermatex Acoustic Tech DataMastaCove45 Tech DataSpanShield Tech Data
AMF Thermatex Alpha Tech DataMastaCove75 Tech DataStratopanel Tech Data
AMF Thermatex Aquatec Tech DataMastaFinish Tech DataTruRock & TruRock HD Tech Data
AMF Thermatex dB Acoustic Tech DataMastaFix20 Tech DataUniflott Tech Data
AMF Thermatex Fine Stratos Micro Complete Tech DataMastaGlide Tech DataWaterShield Tech Data
AMF Thermatex Fine Stratos Micro Tech DataMastaGrip Tech Data
AMF Thermatex Laguna Tech DataMastaLine Tech Data
AMF Thermatex Mercure Complete Tech DataMastaLite Tech Data
AMF Thermatex Mercure Tech DataMastaLongset Tech Data
AMF Thermatex Silence Tech DataMastaMate Paper Tape Tech Data
AMF Thermatex Star Complete Tech DataMastaMate Screws Tech Data
AMF Thermatex Star Tech DataMastaShield Tech Data
AMF Thermatex Thermofon Tech DataMastaSmooth Tech Data
Bindex Fire & Acoustic Sealant Tech DataMastaTape Universal Tech Data
BindEx High Absorption Primer Tech DataOPAL Tech Data
BindEx Penetration Primer Tech DataPERMAROCK® Accessories Tech Data
Bindex Waterproof Membrane Tech DataPERMAROCK® Exterior Basecoat-White Tech Data
Contrapanel Tech DataPERMAROCK® Joint Adhesive Tech Data
Cornice Tech DataPERMAROCK® Joint Filler - Grey Tech Data
CurveShield Tech DataPERMAROCK® Outdoor Tech Data
Designpanel Tech DataPERMAROCK® Skim Coat - White Tech Data
FireShield Tech DataPLAXI MP Lite Tech Data
GIB X-Block Jointing Compound Tech DataPlaza Tech Data
GIB X-Block Tech DataShaftLiner Tech Data
Heradesign Tech DataSonaRock Tech Data
MastaBase Tech DataSoundShield Tech Data
MastaBlock Tech DataSpanGrid Ceiling Panel Tech Data
MastaBond Tech DataSpanGrid Cleancare Tech Data