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Alfresco areas, carports, balconies and breezeways are all applications where plasterboard can be used in external ceilings, installed horizontally or sloping away from the main dwelling.

External ceilings are subjected to harsher conditions than internal ceilings and therefore they need additional protection from the weather. This extra protection is designed to control the major causes of external ceiling faults which include:

• Condensation on the plasterboard
• Water penetrating the paint system
• Distortion of joints
• Plasterboard sagging
• Mould growth.

External ceiling applications are demanding and have specific installation requirements. Following Knauf's system requirements and using products such as WaterShield, OPAL and PERMAROCK@ will give improved water resistance. Combining these with a premium exterior paint with mould inhibitor will ensure a high quality finish.

As an alternative to water resistant plasterboard systems, Heradesign acoustic panels can also be chosen to provide a wall and ceiling lining that can either be left in its natural colour or painted to create both a functional and attractive alfresco environment. 

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