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Carbon Neutral Opt-in Program

Australian Government Carbon Neutral Program

The Carbon Neutral Program is a voluntary scheme which certifies products, services and organisations as carbon neutral against the National Carbon Offset Standard.

This Standard provides integrity through its guidance on genuine voluntary offsets and its minimum requirements for calculating, auditing and offsetting a carbon footprint to achieve carbon neutrality.

Organisations participating in the Carbon Neutral Program are taking the lead in Australia’s voluntary carbon sector and demonstrating their commitment to achieving a low carbon future.

What does it mean to be Carbon Neutral?

Carbon neutrality refers to a situation where the net greenhouse gas emissions of an organisation, service or a product are equal to zero.

Knauf's Program

Knauf are offering an opt-in carbon offset program certified to the Australian Government’s National Carbon Offset Standard (NCOS).

The program, which will be initially available for customers in NSW and QLD, will provide customers with an option to offset the carbon emissions for three plasterboard types made at our Matraville Plant in NSW—MastaShieldWaterShield, and FireShield.

A carbon offset surcharge will be applied to the standard square metre price of the board. We keep track of the amount of product purchased over the year, and the total tonnage of carbon emissions associated with that product are offset.

To achieve Carbon Neutrality for the products opted-in,we at Knauf have built upon our energy efficiency work undertaken during the last seven years. Since 2009, we have introduced and invested in a wide range of measures to reduce our overall carbon emissions. One such example being the employment of heat exchangers in the drying and waste heat recycling in our plastermill. Further examples can be found in the public disclosure document.

The greenhouse gas emissions that cannot be further eliminated are then offset. A carbon credit (or carbon offset) represents the reduction of one tonne of CO2-e from our atmosphere.

Carbon Neutral Certification

2014-15 Report2015-16 Report

Lifestraw® Carbon for Water project

Knauf have chosen to offset the remaining carbon through the purchase of recognised carbon credits issued under the Gold Standard.

These credits have and will support a project which has brought social and environmental benefits to communities in Kenya through the LifeStraw® Carbon for Water project.

If you have a project in NSW or QLD and you are interested in purchasing carbon neutral board contact us for more details or call 1300 724 505.