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Acoustic Linings

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Knauf offers a range of perforated plasterboard linings for residential and commercial applications. Perforated plasterboard both absorbs and diffuses sound, providing the perfect acoustic solution for noisy indoor environments especially where human speech needs to be clearly heard and understood. For acoustic comfort and beautiful design let perforated plasterboard be part of your project solution.

Knauf's perforated plasterboard products are precision engineered and manufactured in Germany and Denmark under quality and environmental systems certified as complying with ISO 9001 and 14001 by accredited EU certification bodies.


Stratopanel Seamless Perforated Plasterboard

Seamless perforated plasterboard with acoustic performance for stunning ceiling design solutions with perfect acoustics and continuous look.


A precision engineered perforated plasterboard, delivering sound diffusion and absorpotion.


Contrapanel is a robust wall and ceiling lining specially developed to provide outstanding acoustic performance with a beautiful, long-lasting finish.



Plaza offers a stylish and easy to install ceiling in a visible grid system that can deliver great acoustic performance.


Cleaneo Adit

In an elegant white design: This cost-effective, robust individual absorber for the wall is impressive not just for its acoustical effect, but also for its visual appeal.

Cleaneo Up

Cleaneo Up gets to the heart of three important demands of modern ceiling planning: First of all it improves the acoustics with a constant homogeneous sound absorption characteristic in various rooms.