Cleaneo Up | Knauf Australia

One canopy for every need

Cleaneo Up gets to the heart of three important demands of modern ceiling planning: First of all it improves the acoustics with a constant homogeneous sound absorption characteristic in various rooms. Secondly, it emphasises the attractive design features. Thirdly, it is installed quickly. Perfect for the planner and the installer.

The innovative canopy is also suitable for difficult applications. Particularly with cooling and heating pipes installed in a complicated fashion where acoustical ceilings cannot be installed on the entire surface. It is supplied with the desired surface including assembly kit, and does not need to be painted. This reduces the effort and expense with new buildings as well as with renovations.

The benefits:

• Robust and finished surface
• Highly absorbing with very good sound insulation properties
• Integration of illumination possible
• Sustainable service life
• Easy and fast installation
• Easy-care and wipeable with a damp cloth
• Paintable
• Recyclable (made of gypsum)