Federation University Australia, Victoria | Knauf Australia

Federation University Australia, Victoria

Market SectorEducation
CompletionMarch 2013
ClientFederation University Australia
Project Value$45 million
ArchitectSKM Architects
BuilderCockram Construction

Working to tight budget constraints, a brief for modern aesthetics and stringent acoustic requirements, the designers of Federation University Australia’s new School of Health Science and School of Science Information Technology and Engineering found a solution in Knauf’s Heradesign lining.

Project architect Tanja Klocker from SKM says zoning the building for seven user groups and therefore a range of different functionalities, while balancing cost considerations, acoustic requirements and aesthetic appeal, presented a number of challenges for her team.

“Most of the Specialist Equipment in the building is critical for the functionality” Klocker says. “So there was a lot of pressure on us to specify a durable, functional and cost effective material while still addressing the innovative design of the building.”

Where no disciple-specific ceilings were required the goal was to keep much of the ceiling exposed, which could have severely impaired the building’s acoustics.

“It was certainly an acoustic challenge,” she says. “Even though the cost consultants supported the ‘exposed ceiling’ aesthetics, we had to give it some acoustic treatment – so we fixed the Heradesign panel under the concrete soffit.”

Klocker says her team specified Heradesign because of the need for strong acoustic properties, however aesthetics and cost also played their part.

“We were able to make the most of Heradesign’s beautiful texture as well as defining the building within budget constraints” she says.

Knauf worked closely with SKM throughout the specification and installation project to ensure the building’s aesthetics were achieved to the level the designers had envisioned.

“At one point during installation when we had to ensure all the edges of the panels were painted, we had a quick response from Knauf helping us to get the design outcome we wanted.” Tanja Klocker, Lead Architect.