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High Activity

No matter how much is spent on design and construction, the wall linings of a home will still be subject to damage caused by wear and tear. High activity areas such as rumpus and games rooms, children’s play areas, home gymnasiums, garages and hallways are particularly susceptible.

Marks, scratches, dents and holes are all forms of wear and tear. Damage tends to be much more noticeable and less acceptable on wall linings, compared with floors. Wall linings are also much more difficult to replace or repair than floor coverings. Typical damage may be caused by vacuum cleaners, furniture and human traffic.

Protecting high activity areas

The use of TruRock and TruRock HD to minimise wear and tear in high activity areas are recommended. TruRock and TruRock HD are impact resistant plasterboard, reinforced with a continuous fibreglass mesh with good acoustic performance. TruRock and TruRock HD are twice as strong and hard as standard plasterboard of equivalent thickness and easy to repair if damage occurs.