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Demand for the latest entertainment technology, such as home cinema and surround sound music systems, has led to a significant increase in noise transfer and reverberation levels within the home.

Exposure to high levels of noise over long periods of time can create discomfort and even affect a person's health. The option to design homes with acoustic comfort zones to minimise noise and echo levels should be taken prior to construction commencing. Installing these systems after construction can be impractical and prove expensive.

Selecting the best acoustic system to reduce noise in the home

1. Identify the activities that will occur in different parts of the home to determine areas that require a higher level of noise control.

2. If the home is multi-level, consider whether impact noise from upstairs will be a problem for downstairs areas.

3. Select a wall and ceiling system based on the desired level of noise and acoustic control.

There are a range of Knauf wall and ceiling solutions to minimise and control noise levels in the home. Limit transfer of sound between rooms by using SoundShield, a plasterboard with enhanced sound insulation qualities. Control and reduce echo within spaces with Designpanel, a high performance perforated plasterboard to absorb sound.