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Public and commercial buildings are used by large numbers of the general population and consequently endure high levels of traffic -  both human and other, such as hospital trolleys or machinery. Subject to wear and tear, these areas need special consideration to reduce damage and maintenance costs.

There are two main types of impact and resistance tests to determine the performance of a product. Soft body tests simulate the kind of loads applied to a wall system by the human body, whereas hard body tests simulate loads such as a trolley or swinging a heavy suitcase. Both types of damage cause unsightly marks, scores, dents and holes which detract from the overall quality interior finish. Furthermore, on-going maintenance to repair such damage is costly to the building owner.

Protecting high traffic areas

Various products and systems are available to minimise wear and tear in high traffic commercial areas. Depending on the application and project, systems with different additional performance characteristics can be selected, for example TruRock or TruRock HD combines good impact resistance with good acoustic performance, fire and water resistance.

Refer to the Knauf Technical Manual for the latest full information.