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Knowhow Suite

The Knauf Knowhow Suite is developed through dialogue and an understanding of your challenges and enables us to be part of the solution - Delivering unrivalled value and expertise to your project management and specification process. 

BIM Wall Creator

The first Australian Revit wall creator that intelligently generates Revit-based wall types with detailed specification information.
Creates wall types quickly and easily using performance parameters, including FRL, Rw, wall width and performance
requirements and is compliant with all AS/NZ BIM standards.

K Spec

A custom design specification proposal for your project, developed by Knauf and catered to your project’s requirements.
Knauf engineers can develop a project-wide proposal that details the most cost-efficient wall and ceiling systems for each and every wall and ceiling in your building, ensuring a first-class system selection and reducing time and effort to design and specify.

CPD Presentations

Knauf has a series of presentations, fully approved and sanctioned by the AIA that can be presented at your office or selected location.

Online Calculators

Online calculation tools available for InterHome, Wall R-values and
Reverberation Time.

System Selector

An on-line tool that enables selection of the most appropriate and cost effective wall and ceiling system and provides important design properties including Rw, FRL, wall width and limiting height information.

Technical Support

Knauf has an experienced Technical team that can provide advise and guidance
on the right product and systems.