Mount Clear College, Ballarat, Victoria | Knauf Australia

Mount Clear College, Ballarat, Victoria

Market SectorEducation
CompletionJune 2011
ClientMount Clear College, Eath Ed
BuilderDura Constructions
ContractorJNJ Plaster

As part of the Energising Mathematics and Science Education in Victoria policy, Mount Clear College in Ballarat was selected to build one of six specialist Maths Science Centres to provide high quality educational experiences for students. The centre at Mount Clear College has the twin themes of Renewable Energy and Earth Science. It has been named Earth Ed, an abbreviation of Earth Education, to signify its themes and programs.

“The Centre boasts a number of innovative materials including plasterboard materials by Knauf,” Robert Hartmann, Director of Earth Ed at Mount Clear College.

Originally specified to use gypsum fibre board, JNJ Plaster installed QuadShield, a 4-in-1plasterboard incorporating impact, water, fire resistance and sound insulation properties. The product was used for its multi performance applications, ease of use and high resistance to incidental damage which is especially common in high traffic areas like corridors of schools and hospitals.

Neil Denoual, owner of JNJ Plaster, has over 15 years of experience in the construction of schools. He explains the benefits of using QuadShield on walls up to 2.4 metres high at Earth Ed: “In 90% of the schools we have done, 9mm fibre cement board was specified. However, a 9mm fibre cement board is a heavier product and needs to be cut with shears. With QuadShield it is easy because we just use a knife rather than shears to trim around and snap it apart. Its impact, fire, water resistance and acoustics properties are good. You don’t need to pick and choose where you use the board. ” Neil Denoual, JNJ Plaster

After experiencing the convenience and benefits of QuadShield, JNJ Plaster has continued to use QuadShield as an alternative to gypsum fibre board and fibre cement for projects where substitution is possible.