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Ormond College, Victoria

Market SectorEducation
CompletionJune 2011
Project Value$3.3 million
ClientOrmond College
ArchitectMcGlashan Everist Pty Ltd
BuilderBuilding Engineering Pty Ltd
ContractorMelbourne Plastering
ProductsStratopanel seamless perforated plasterboard (Cleaneo) Circular 12/25R

Ormond College was formally opened in 1881 with a total of 20 students in residence. From the outset the College has practised a policy of open entry and encouragement to aspire its members to reach the academic heights required to become leaders in their chosen fields.
In keeping with this original vision, the MacFarland Library Building redevelopment created an integrated academic hub to support the College’s undergraduates, graduate and non-resident communities in their learning. By integrating academic, library and IT functions, the Academic Centre provides the flexible, collaborative and IT-enabled working spaces that today’s students need to succeed in their university studies.

Achieving the correct acoustic environment and reducing excessive noise was vital in ensuring the functionality of the Academic Centre as a learning and collaborative space. The use of Stratopanel acoustic ceiling lining contributed to achieving this goal.

The selection of Stratopanel’s Circular 12/25R pattern delivered the specified amount of sound absorption required in the large open Library area of the Academic Centre.

In addition, Stratopanel’s four precision cut edges and carefully designed patterns allow the panels to align creating a continuous perforation and a seamless flow of pattern throughout the space, with any joints virtually invisible.

“In specifying Stratopanel we were able to create the desired acoustic environment for an open plan learning hub, whilst also delivering a unique, contemporary ceiling integral to the building design.” Tom Sharp, Architect, McGlashan Everist Pty Ltd

The $3.3 million project, funded entirely by community philanthropy, has won numerous prestigious awards from the Victorian Chapter of the Australian Institute of Architects and the Council of Educational Facilities Planners International.