Private Residence Swimming Pool, Hampton, Victoria | Knauf Australia

Private Residence Swimming Pool, Hampton, Victoria

Market SectorResidential
CompletionOctober 2011
Project Size300 square metres
ClientPrivate Homeowner
Builder / DeveloperMC Building and Construction
ContractorRender Creations
ProductsPermaRock Indoor, PermaRock System Products

The construction of an indoor swimming pool is typically a problematic and complex area for wall and ceiling linings. Intensive exposure to moisture from the swimming pool itself, and the high degrees of humidity, pose a challenge for traditional lining materials.

These were key considerations during the design stage of a family swimming pool at a private residence in Hampton, Victoria.

The project originally specified a fibre cement board for the ceiling lining. In swimming pool applications it is not uncommon for these products to be affected by intensive moisture causing movement and joint cracking. The option of using PermaRock, an inorganic cement aggregate, proved an attractive option to provide a guaranteed solution in this difficult application.

Unlike other cement boards, PermaRock is totally impervious to water and has a high dimensional stability when exposed to moisture or temperature variations. This makes it ideal for water intensive areas.

PermaRock is also impact resistant and has good sound insulation. These features were important when considering the high degree of usage the swimming pool area would experience in this family home.

“Minimising the risk of the ceiling lining being affected by moisture, causing movement and cracked joints is one of the advantages with PermaRock. Offering a PermaRock system to our clients to give them peace of mind is something we will continue to do.” Chris Walker, Contractor, Render Creations

Thanks to the design of the swimming pool ceiling and the installation system used with PermaRock Interior lining, no visible controls joints were required. This significantly improved the overall quality of the surface providing a smooth, seamless finish which satisfied both the homeowner and contractor.