Roseville College, New South Wales | Knauf Australia

Roseville College, New South Wales

Market SectorEducation
CompletionOctober 2012
Project Value$4.3 million
ArchitectStudio GA
ClientRoseville College
ProductStratopanel seamless perforated plasterboard (Cleaneo)

Through the use of Knauf's Stratopanel (previously Cleaneo), the architect responsible for the refurbishment of Roseville College's new library was able to counter the acoustic challenge triggered by the ceiling's 46 service panels.

Paul Gallagher, director of Studio GA, says the paradox between acoustic privacy and spatial continuity (with an added serviceability consideration) was resolved through one of Australia's first installations of Stratopanel.

"With the brief the client gave us there was quite a radical shift in the way the library was required to function," Gallagher says. "There was less reliance on individual rooms and more on open communal space which meant we had to exploit the ceiling surface to achieve the desired acoustic performance."

Gallagher adds, it wasn't just a performance specification or a visual agenda that lead to the specification of Stratopanel - his team had to ensure they were addressing the long-term needs of the facility, namely functional flexibility and serviceability.

"We were able to integrate all of the ceiling's 46 service panels into the ceiling using Stratopanel," he says. "By using Stratopanel for the service panels as well as the ceiling we were able to increase the amount of perforated ceiling by as much as 60 per cent, and get a higher acoustic performance per square metre while maintaining a seemless visual continuity."

Studo GA's design objective was to transform the library into a contemporary, flexible learning environment of which the ceiling performance played a pivotal role.

"We achieved the optimum acoustic performance, serviceability, tight construction tolerance with calm simplicity and a beautiful visual outcome," he says. "We could not be happier with that as a total product delivery."