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Timber Technical Manual

Blueprint for steel wall and ceiling systems is now available here.

The Timber Technical Manual is a comprehensive guide for professionals containing detailed information about Knauf’s products and systems. The Timber Technical Manual includes requirements for the installation of timber frame plasterboard systems.

System details are regularly reviewed and updated with the latest information available to Knauf, to ensure specifications are completely up to date.

Section 3

3.1 Internal Walls

3.1.2 Internal Timber Walls >

3.2 External Walls

3.2.2 External Timber Walls >

 3.3 Specialty Walls

3.3.3 Timber Separating Walls >

3.6 Specialty Systems

3.6.5 X-Ray Shielding Walls and Ceilings >
3.6.6 Curved Walls and Ceilings >