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Wet Areas

The Building Code of Australia (BCA) requires wet area construction to protect the occupants from dangerous or unhealthy conditions and to protect the building from damage.

Acceptable construction for wet areas is detailed in the BCA and Australian Standard AS 3740-2004, Waterproofing of Wet Areas within Residential Buildings. Excessive moisture, including that found in humid conditions or condensation and poor ventilation, can lead to:

•        Growth of mould and mildew

•        An unhealthy environment for occupants

•        Deterioration in the appearance of the wet area

•        Structural damage to framing. 

Water resistance for wet areas

Knauf products such as WaterShield can be used to resist moisture in wet areas like showers, bathrooms and commercial laundries. TruRock or TruRock HD is suited to areas that require a fire rating as well as water resistance. For high activity areas requiring impact resistance as well as water and fire resistance, TruRock or TruRock HD is recommended.

For wet area installation requirements - click either BLUEPRINT for steel framed or Technical Manual for Timber.