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Wet Areas

Bathrooms, laundries and toilets are all classed as wet areas. Wet areas must be designed to protect the home from the effects of excessive moisture.

Excessive moisture, including when caused by humid conditions or condensation and poor ventilation, can lead to:

• Growth of mould and mildew

• An unhealthy environment for occupants

• Deterioration in the appearance of a home

• Structural damage to the framing within a home. 

Wet areas are classified according to their level of potential in-service water damage as high risk (such as showers), medium risk (such as bathrooms and areas adjacent to baths and spas) and low risk (such as laundries). To comply with Australian Standards, lining materials installed in high risk areas must be water-proofed with a liquid membrane.

Reducing risk in wet areas

Knauf has solutions for the home to reduce risk in wet areas, such as using WaterShield, which is a water-resistant plasterboard with special additives designed to resist moisture. WaterShield can be used on both walls and ceilings, covered with tiles and, when installed correctly meets all the requirements of the Building Code of Australia.

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